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More About Me

I’m Mickaël. I’m a teacher and tutor from France based in New York City.

I’ve taught and tutored for almost 10 years in prestigious schools and agencies in New York City and abroad. I teach Ivy League school students and executives.

I grew up in Paris in a multicultural environment: my family is from the French Caribbean islands and my friends are from all around the world. I love talking about modern France, a country informed by a rich history and contradictions.

I’m passionate about teaching French and sharing French culture. Some of my classes reflect my personal cross-cultural experience.

I’ve developed a wide selection of custom-made classes, from basic conversation lessons for travellers to very advanced intensive French grammar lessons for Ivy League students and business French for executives.



Mickael is an amazing tutor. Thanks to his hard work, my grades got way better ! He's very professional !

S., Columbia Student

I very much enjoy learning French and about French culture, so I have thoroughly enjoyed taking your classes.  Your pedagogical methods have been much more effective for me than the ones I've experienced learning French elsewhere in NYC, so I am grateful.

Shawn N., lawyer based in Manhattan

You are the best language teacher I ever had, I could learn French very efficiently, and more than that, it was fun.

Naoko G.

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